World Crest

“We are a dedicated group of scouters committed to bringing the wide world of Scouting into our Council while also providing information and coordinating efforts to bring council scouts and scouters to the premiere scouting events throughout the world including jamborees, moots, and other summits as they may occur. We will strive to coordinate events and activities which enable our scouts and scouters to interact with others around the world such as international camporees, bi-national meetups, JOTA/JOTI, and more.”

SDIC International Team:

Chair: Enrique Teigeiro
International Camporee: Pending
Interpreter Corps: Josh Reisling
Jamboree on the Air/Internet: Pending
Staff partner: Amber Green

BSA International Division - The BSA International Department works to help Scouts and Leaders from the BSA to experience the bigger picture of Scouting and connect with it through our involvement in the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Interamerican Scout Region - The role of the this regional organization is to support and develop Scouting in each of the countries and to facilitate contacts with other Scout organizations or the World Scout Organization. The Interamerica Region has 35 National Scout Organizations.

World Scout Organization - The World Scout Organization is the over-arching Scouting movement that encompasses all Scouts around the world. They orchastrate gloabal campaigns in Scouting and coordinate multiple international events that draw scouts from around the world.