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Who is the International Scouting Committee Webmaster?

The International Scouting Committee Webmaster is Kevin Ewers. You may contact Kevin by clicking here.

Who can submit information for the International Scouting Committee Web Site?

Anyone can submit information for the Web site, and everyone is encouraged to do so. We are continuously on the lookout for announcements, calendar items, interesting articles and stories, photographs, links and information relating to International Scouting. Our news, calendar, links, reference materials, and photo galleries are a key source of information for current, prospective, and past members of the SDIC BSA International Scouting Committee.

Who is on the Web Site Committee?

The Web Site Committee includes the Webmaster, the International Representative, our Staff Advisor, and interested International Scouting Committee members. We are seeking Web Site Committee members who enjoy researching and composing articles, taking and editing photographs and videos of International Scouting events, managing online information and keeping it current, and communicating with the Scouts and Scouters in our council and around the world.

How do I join the Web Site Committee?

Send your name, contact information, and a brief description of your qualifications and aspirations to the Webmaster. Describe how you want to help. You will be contacted right away.

Do I have to join the Web Site Committee to send in an article, news item, photograph, video, or link?

No. Send us what you have, and we will try to use it.

What is the process for publishing submissions?

Send your items to the Webmaster or to the International Representative. Any questions about suitability or appropriateness are resolved by our International Representative or our Staff Advisor. Our Webmaster or someone on the Web Site Committee will prepare your item for publication on the Web site by editing, proofreading, formatting, determining where to put the item, and when to publish it. While this may sound like a lengthy process, most submissions are published within hours of being submitted.

I am not a good writer or photographer, but I have something for the Web site.

If you have information that you think needs to be posted, send us the information. We will compose an announcement, and we will add the item to our calendars. If necessary, we will send someone to take a photo. Again, if you don't feel comfortable sending in a written article, then just send us the details of the event, and we will write it for you.

I would like to submit a regular column or article for the International Scouting Committee Web site. What do I need to know or do?

That's great! Write your article the way you would like it to appear. If you want to include links to other Web sites in your article, include them. If you want to include a photo or a form, send them along, too. Send us any pictures or graphics that you would like to use as a thumbnail reference for your article. Email all items to Keep in mind that your article and materials, like everything on our Web site, are subject to review and editing. By the way, if you are a good writer, why don't you join our Web Site Committee? We can use your talents!

Some of the International Scouting Committee forms are missing or out of date. What's up with that?

The items on the Forms page come from many sources. We try to stay on top of changes, but we can always use your help. If you notice that a form is not current or accurate, please let us know. We will research the information you provide and update the form as needed.

I am on the International Scouting Committee, but my name is not listed or out of date on the Contacts page.

Send your contact information (name, email address, and phone number) and your position to the Webmaster, and your contact information will be added or updated right away.

I am under 18 years old, but I would like for you to list my last name, instead of my last initial. What do I have to do?

This is a privacy issue and a youth protection issue. The BSA has strict rules about publishing the names of youths and personal information, such as email addresses and phone numbers. We can list your last name and contact information, but we need your permission and the permission of your parents (or guardian) first. Please click Information Release Authorization form, print it, fill it out, get the required signatures, and send the completed form to our Webmaster at the email address We can then publish your last name and contact information.

I would like to send an email to one of the Contacts, but there is no email address listed.

Click the email link and the email address will appear in your email program.

What format do I use for documents that I submit for the Web site?

You may send event flyers, announcements, registration forms, etc. in almost any document format. We can handle documents created by Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Excel, Corel Word Perfect, Adobe Pagemaker, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Fireworks, although we do not have the latest version of any of those programs. We also accept documents in Rich Text Format, Plain Text Format, and Portable Document Format (PDF). Sometimes we receive documents that have been scanned into picture images. Unless a document needs to be edited by the end user, we usually convert the document to Adobe Acrobat PDF format (unless otherwise requested). The PDF preserves the format and fonts of the original document, and it is a universally accepted format, since most everyone has the free Acrobat Reader installed. Not everyone can work with documents that were composed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Excel, or Corel Word Perfect.

I downloaded a .doc file, but I don't have Microsoft Word. What can I do?

Download and install Open Office. It is free, and it is completely compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, and Excel).

What format do I use for submitting photographs and videos to you?

We prefer that photos be submitted in jpg format, but this is not a strict rule. We can handle any photo format. We prefer videos to be submitted in avi or wmv format, but again, we can work with any video format. As an alternative to sending your photos and videos, you may send us a link to your photos and videos in your online photo and video collection. We will post a link to your photo(s), unless your photo site has inappropriate advertising or material. We prefer linking to sites with NO advertising, but advertising does not rule out our linking to your site. If we consider the advertising inappropriate for our target audience of Scouts and Scouters, we will not publish a link. The photos can be submitted to us, and we will post them on our site, which has no advertising.

I need an email address to send articles and photos to you.

Send your submissions to This is the International Scouting Committee general purpose email address.

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